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How do I sign up for tee times?

How do I add my name to a tee sheet?

Sign in to the Golf Genius Portal and select Tee Time Sign Up.  Find the round you want to schedule.  If there are open positions for the round, press the Select link to choose a tee time.

How do I change or cancel my tee time?

You may change your tee time while the round is still open (up until 6 pm two days before the game is played).  Find the round just as you did when you signed up and select Change Tee Time.  Your name will be highlighted.  Press the Select link to choose a different tee time.

To cancel your tee time while the tee sheet is still open, follow the same directions and instead of selecting Change Tee Time, select Cancel Registration.  WARNING:  After you select Cancel Registration, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to cancel.  You have the choice of two buttons - Confirm and Cancel.  If you click Cancel, it will cancel your cancellation.  Make sure to click Confirm for your cancellation to go through.

What if I need to cancel and the tee sheet is closed?

If you want to cancel a tee time, change a tee time, or add your name to a tee sheet that has been closed, contact Anne Higgins ( or Patti McCormick (  They will notify the Pro Shop managers of any changes.

Should you encounter an unexpected and last minute conflict that prevents you from playing and the round may have already started, please call the Pro Shop at (619) 235-1184.

Please always remove yourself from the tee sheets as soon as you learn that you will not be playing.  Thank you!


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